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DJINNI is our VR production App
In a nutshell

DJINNI translates “human language” commands like “sit-down, walk-to” etc. into a process language that controls the animation process. DJINNI uses techniques such as inverse kinematics, dynamics / physics and motion path planning together with its patented constraint solving technology. You don’t have to be an animation expert anymore!

Choose a scene/stage

You can choose from different worlds (scenes or stages) and from different characters to create a personalized story. Special versions of the App will offer dedicated scenes and characters for example for learning & education environments.


Share your story/show with friends and associates. You can also add to a friends’ story/show, creating a VR movie between multiple people.

The Revolution in Animated Motion

DJINNI will re-invent the production processes for animation by making it a real time, collaborative experience. This will increase the creative freedom of animated film production, make it more efficient and in the order of 50% more cost effective. DJINNI will not only make audiovisual

productions such as 3D animated series for television markets much more cost effective but also greatly increase the creative freedom and opportunities for the talent running and producing the show. DJINNI is software technology running on standard high-end hardware.

Wonderlamp's Djinni - a Virtual Reality and Animation production tool

Wonderlamp is developing unique software called DJINNI. Based on it’s TEXT-TO-SCREEN® technology it is designed to make animation and Virtual Reality content production available to anyone. Imagine a technology that virtualizes all aspects of a video production. A tool that lets the “non-expert” user manage everything that’s needed for a video production from her or his desktop. Be it the setting or the studio the story takes place in, the light, the director, cameras, sound, props and actors. DJNNI replaces real video with “animation video” and gives the user control over all aspects of the production. Many production steps

are automated by our patented CINE-ENGINE®, eliminating expert knowledge in the field of animation or Virtual Reality. Output is available in real-time, whether for sharing, publishing or other forms of distribution. Due to its full 3D concept, content is simultaneously available as both, 360degree VR or linear 3D animation content. This new production method with DJINNI radically cuts the minute price for productions and makse Virtual Reality and animation video production available to many more people and markets.