Chandeliers Over Tubs

Chandeliers over tubs are a unique way to create a glamorous bathing experience. There are many designs, finishes, and materials available to choose from. The best choice for you is going to depend on the size and style of your bathtub and bathroom. However, there are some basic guidelines to follow. The proper height of the chandelier is one of […]

Gift Shops Near You in Brooklyn

If you are shopping for holiday gifts or if you just want to treat yourself, you can find some amazing gift shops near you. You can find everything from cards to jewelry to housewares and more. Some of these shops even sell custom-blended cocktails. These are just a few of the many unique and fun gift ideas you can find […]

Modern Style Studio

Modern Style Studio is a modern, award winning hair salon based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The studio offers top notch services including, but not limited to, haircuts, color correction, blow outs, and extensions. The team at the studio is highly trained and professional. They cater to the ultra-modern woman. If you are looking to treat yourself to the latest trends […]

Planning a Functional and Beautiful Kitchen

Kitchens are often the center of attention in a home. The design must be functional, and must be beautiful. You must also consider the number of people that use the room. There are many sources for help with kitchen design. These include architects, contractors, and interior designers. Many firms will charge a retainer fee for their services. Whether you opt […]

How to Choose an Outdoor Floor Lamp

Outdoor floor lamps are perfect for creating a beautiful and relaxing environment in your backyard. They can be used to illuminate paths, or to complement outdoor furniture. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so you can be sure to find a perfect one for your space. Outdoor floor lighting is a new addition to the outdoor lighting […]