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Wonderlamp's Djinni the worlds first VR production tool for User Generated Virtual Reality Content

Wonderlamp Industries is developing a unique software App called DJINNI. Based on it’s patented CINE-ENGINE® technology it is designed to make Virtual Reality (VR) content production available to anyone. The App puts you in a virtual world and lets you direct virtual actors inside this virtual setting without having to be an animation expert. This way you can create a VR video with your smartphone in VR goggles, even as simple as a card-board one. The DJNNI App controls all aspects of your VR production, be it the stage or the studio the story takes place in, the light, cameras, sound, props and actors. All you have to do, is to instruct the virtual actors (avatars) similar to how a director on a theatre stage is giving directions to his actors. The heavy lifting to create good looking animations in the VR space is done in the background by DJINNI. You can speak the dialogues of your actors and record them or input them via text, using a text to speech conversion to make them talk.

Most production steps are automated by our patented CINE-ENGINE®, eliminating expert knowledge in animation or Virtual Reality. Output is real-time, whether for sharing, publishing or other forms of distribution. Due to its full 3D concept, content is simultaneously available as both, 360degree VR or linear 3D animation content. This new DJINNI tool lets Users generate Virtual Reality Content for the first time and will put large amounts of content into the VR channels of social media networks. The App will also be customized for different professional use cases, for example to allow brands to have their customers generate content with the brands own characters and this way use the crowd to create large amounts of relevant marketing content. Or for learning and education purposes to quickly create tutorials that can be consumed in VR, using the immersive VR situation to make the learning experience much more effective.

About Wonderlamp.

Wonderlamp Industries GmbH (WLI) is a Berlin and Potsdam/Babelsberg based company founded by both visionary media technology- and film experts. Wonderlamp is developing unique technology called DJINNI, designed to bring Virtual Reality communication and content production to many industries as well as consumers. Wonderlamp is privately held by the management team and private investors. The company holds a strong patent portfolio around the process and technology of its DJINNI tool.

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