How to Assemble a Sputnik Chandelier: Step-by-Step Instructions

Introduction The Sputnik chandelier is an iconic modernist lighting fixture featuring a burst of metal arms with bulb-holders sprouting from its core. It’s a popular choice for homeowners seeking a contemporary, industrial look in their living spaces. However, the assembly process can be daunting, especially for those who have little experience in putting together lighting fixtures. This guide will provide […]

Shining Bright: The Magic of Chandler Lights

Introduction Chandler Lights is an annual event that takes place in Chandler, Arizona, during the holiday season. It is a breathtaking display of millions of lights decorating trees, buildings, and pathways throughout the city’s downtown. This event has become a beloved tradition for residents and visitors alike. History of Chandler Lights Chandler Lights began in 2010 as a small display […]