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The Most Popular Industrial Pendant Lights for You

The Most Popular Industrial Pendant Lights for You

Projecteur 365 Pendant, designed by Swiss architect Kobe Bryant, was originally made for the architect himself to plan a public building in Chandigarh, India. In 1954, the building was not only very modern in appearance, but also very avant-garde inside! Such a timeless lighting design is still widely loved today, and even won the Best Design Award of the year when it was re-produced in 2013.

Does this set of chandeliers sold at Factory 20, an American antique collection, come from a chocolate factory in the 1930s, and the fixed poles remind you of American restaurants down the road? Many early 20th century enamel lampshades came from an electrical manufacturer called “Benjamin®”, and the green enamel lampshade can be said to be their logo, and the lampshade will also have a logo on the lampshade, which is very traditional American craft lamps.

American furniture brand Restoration Hardware has a very rich collection of classical industrial style products, such as dock lights, glass lamps imitating mid-20th century factories, etc. Visit their website to get a lot of little knowledge about industrial style lighting!

Nowadays, Scandinavian-style home furnishing is popular, and I believe everyone should be familiar with Muuto in Denmark. Although the product is a brand-new contemporary design, the designer uses retro industrial materials to transform it into very delicate chandeliers, such as the Unfold pendant light, both at home and abroad. Designers love it very much! The bell-shaped “Grain” chandelier has arc lines, which can make the tough industrial style also reveal a gentle feeling.

The chandelier Caravaggio, designed by designer Cecillie Manz for the Danish lighting brand Lightyears, has a very accented glossy finish.

The friendly Swedish national brand IKEA also has many retro industrial style lighting! There are matte, stainless steel, enamel and other materials, the colors are also very rich, and the price is very cheap, it is a good choice for entry-level industrial style lamps.

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