Industrial Chandelier
7 Industrial Pendant Lights You Can’t Miss

7 Industrial Pendant Lights You Can’t Miss

Lindsey Chandelier

The golden branches stretched out naturally, like a girl dancing ballet. The blue gradient glass covers the seeds of light, ready to light up life for the owner at any time!

With creative and aesthetic shapes and exquisite details, the lighting in Lindsey Adelman’s home is a work of art.

Plus, this lamp is very versatile, and the colors are not monotonous, such as white, blue, gray, etc. Nordic style, modern style, industrial style can be easily controlled. Moreover, the brackets and the number of heads of the lamp can be freely matched and combined, so that the lamp can be stretched into the way you want.


The tree branch chandelier is also by Lindsey Adelman. Nordic style, clean and tough lines, simple and versatile. This lamp will satisfy your DIY fun. The branches can be rotated freely, and you can use your design talents to give your lights a unique look.

Beat light

The musical instrument pendant light sounds very punk. The inspiration source of the beat pendant lights is very inspirational: Tom Dixon, a handsome British pot designer, traveled to India and saw that the containers for water in India are also fresh, and the pots for cooking are also interesting. The inspiration broke out and he designed the Beat series pendant lights.

The Beat pendant light has the temperament of post-modern industrial style. The lampshade is made from thick brass, and the black exterior surface contrasts with the warm golden interior.

The restaurant or bar is most suitable for using such eye-catching lamps. Whether it is used alone or combined into a shape, linear or circular vertical lighting can become a “wow in the heart”!

Modo chandelier

The magic beans are very suitable for the living room, with high appearance, sufficient brightness, and great pomp. Nordic style, post-modern, industrial style and non-stylistic people seem to try it out, classic and versatile, and the identification has been completed.

The Magic Beans series also has table lamps and wall lamps. The round spheres are very attractive when placed on the table.

Coltrane pendant lamp

The Coltrane pendant lamp has a minimalist and industrial feel, with a design inspired by the Middle Ages. Matte black stainless steel exterior, matte golden paint inside, and a few warm and soft beams of light when the light is turned on easily catches everyone’s attention.


The famous Italian lighting manufacturer Flos and designer Michael Anastassiades have collaborated to launch the IC Lights series of lamps, bringing minimalism to the extreme. The brass-colored bracket is noble and bright, and the milky white blown glass sphere diffuses a warm yellow halo.

Putting such a lamp on the bedside or corner is very warm.

AJ Lamp

AJ series lamps are relatively old Nordic style lamps, which were born in 1957. Danish design master Arne Jacobsen designed the AJ table, floor and wall lamps for the Saas Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1957. The AJ lamp is one of Arne Jacobsen’s most popular lamps.

AJ lamps and lanterns have asymmetrical design of the lamp head part, which is novel and elegant. Even now it is the personal use of many designers. A true classic Nordic light fixture that has stood the test of time.

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