Industrial Wall Light
Best and most popular wall lights for you to choose

Best and most popular wall lights for you to choose

Simple and attractive Lampe Gras is perfect for industrial, contemporary or natural wood-inspired spaces! In particular, the flexible arm of the wall lamp is slender and elegant, which is very suitable for babies who like to read before going to bed.

The retractable light with scissor clip should be the classic industrial style wall light that many babies dream of? Like this 1934 design, the longest can be extended to 125 cm. Designer Christian Dell was originally responsible for silverware design in the Bauhaus metal crafts department, and later began to design many products for a famous German lighting manufacturer. This scissors Clip retractable lights are one of them.

IKEA’s dark gray matte spotlight also has the arc shape of a projection lamp, which is especially suitable for use on the shelves of bookshelves. In addition, there are LED cabinet lights specially installed on the top of the storage cabinet, even if it is only used for decoration, it is super flavorful !

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